For those who loved Stranger Things, those who said they would never wear flared pants again and now it is part of their dress code, those who call the millennial generation boomer or the boomer who never stopped saying “those were the days” and for you, who want to know more about aesthetic bedrooms.

In today’s article we will discover why this trend in decoration is so popular among the young and not so young, and how to convert a space in this retro and so cool trend.

What is the aesthetic trend and why is there so much hype

The term aesthetic refers to something aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to look at. And for some time now, inspiration portals like Pinterest or even social media channels such as Tik Tok have increased the search for aesthetic trends. 

The aesthetic trend goes beyond decoration, and therefore we also talk about aesthetic trends in fashion or graphic design. Something aesthetic is not only pleasant to look at, as the concept has evolved over the last few years. 

It all started with the Tumbrl decoration, a trend that became known through social media among a young audience. It is characterized by using as a base styles such as Nordic and boho chic and by adding more aesthetic elements such as lights, plants or posters, transforming the spaces into fresh, informal and full of creativity bedrooms. 

After the Tumbrl phenomenon, the aesthetic trend has been taking on that warm and sweet spirit and adding some more retro must-haves. In this way an aesthetic room will have to reflect your personality and show your memories and motivations. 

How to make a space in an aesthetic bedroom

The aesthetic decoration means to create a space for you, with elements that are beautiful and bring you that harmony you need after a day away from home. But of course, if you want to make your bedroom an aesthetic place, you will have to follow these “must-have” tips.

A stimulating background: Nordic and boho chic style

The main color in an aesthetic room is white. A very usual color in Nordic rooms, since it is the color of purity and serenity, but also, it illuminates and enlarges the spaces. In this way, besides giving the feeling of spaciousness, it gives you the possibility to decorate and recharge the room with your favorites. 

Lights and plants: two must-haves

From Tumblr trend we choose two essentials that bring a youthful and wellbeing air:

  • Lights, which can be the typical Christmas lights that decorate all year round and also provide that warm and homely air of winter. Or you can also opt for more adolescent lights such as LED lights to create your tiktoker room. This type of LED lights have become very popular through gamers and youtubers, but if you know where to place it, it will give both a retro and trendy look to any corner.
  • Plants are another essential for an aesthetic bedroom, since they generate that wellbeing and calmness to the spaces and, in addition, they provide the beauty that all aesthetic decoration requires.

Vintage, retro, eighties: the touch that can not be missing

The cultural phenomenon that was generated after the success of Stranger Things, which transported us to an eighties aesthetic full of personality, is the retro air that stands out in an aesthetic room. 

A turntable, some decorative vinyl discs on the wall, old posters, black and white photos, anything goes to inspire that retro look that your new aesthetic bedroom needs.

A very vintage and retro trend is the popular Cluttercore decoration, which aims to humanize spaces through objects that evoke memories and happy moments. It became fashionable through Tik Tok, overcoming the barriers of aesthetic decoration.

A single common thread: your personality

We know that the essentials you choose for your aesthetic space will be evoking your personality, therefore, it is important that the room is not “a little bit of everything” but “a little bit of yourself鈥. That is the main thread of an aesthetic bedroom, that you like everything you see, that gives you that familiar and warm wellbeing.

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