Although we know that love is not demonstrated only one day a year, we want to give prominence to a day full of sweets, gifts, flowers and lots of love… Why not? That’s why we are going to discover the 5 ideal destinations and plans for Valentine’s Day. So… Keep on reading!

There are many destinations that evoke romanticism such as Paris, Rome, Verona, Venice or London, among others. And it is no coincidence, since many of these places are universally recognized as the homeland of romanticism. But in Decommunity we are going to show you the corners and cities around the world, where you can expose your love between street and street out of the typical.

Discover the 5 most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day

Here is a list of 5 of the most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day. Visit dreamy atmospheres, to share unforgettable experiences with your partner.

1. Budapest, Hungría

Imagine a moonlit boat ride on the Pearl of the Danube. Is there anything more romantic than this? Budapest is full of beauty that captivates all those who visit it. We recommend a stroll through the Castle district to enjoy the rich architecture, and relax in one of its famous spas. And finally, a walk along the Liberation Bridge fully illuminated at nightfall.

Keszthelyi Timi

2. Alsace, France

All of France seems to be designed for love, and it is not for less, since in Alsace located in the east of France celebrates the particular “Mon Amour” a party that extends Valentine’s Day for a week. During these days, the old town is brimming with romance and, in addition to strolling along the “le Petite France”, you can enjoy the special program that includes shows on the Bridge of Sighs, moonlight baths, slow party, retro verbena … Ideal for romantics and partygoers!

Victor Bouton

3. Salamanca, Spain

For the most historical couples, this is a very romantic and cultural destination. Do you remember La Celestina? By Fernando Rojas, this is where Calixto and Melibea’s amorous encounters take place. Romantic inspiration everywhere! Strolling and admiring the beauty of the city in one of its cafes on the banks of the Tormes River is a pleasure. Salamanca is history, art, love, gastronomy… Don’t miss it!


4. Prague, Czech Republic

In recent years, Prague has been one of the most romantic scenarios of the continent. And it is not surprising, since one of its star plans is a romantic dinner on a boat on the banks of the Vltava River to the rhythm of Jazz and its romantic atmosphere illuminated by the traditional street lamps. In addition, it is a city full of talent and street artists. So the walks along the Charles Bridge will be with soundtrack, to culminate it by climbing the hill of lovers and kissing next to the sculpture of the poet Mácha. Love in its purest form!


5. Bruges, Belgium

And here is number 5 of the ideal destinations and plans for Valentine’s Day. Nothing more and nothing less than Bruges, the city that as its name indicates, is spell, love and beauty. For beer lovers, this is your place. We recommend a beer tasting tour through the variety of bars that are set up along the banks of the river. And then, take one of its famous carriage rides to complete the fairy tale that is Bruges. Simply discover the streets, the culture and experience one of the most beautiful medieval cobblestone towns that run alongside the many canals throughout this magical city. Get ready for an adventure!

J Torres

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