“Home, sweet home” is the first thought that our home evokes. And that’s not a coincidence; our home is one of the main pillars of happiness, it is the place where we feel at peace. That’s why the choice of our deco details is more important than we think.. 

How do I choose a home deco details’ style?

Our house is a reflection of our personality, those little details that we bring to it make it unique and reaffirm the concept of “home”. For this reason, it’s important that our place transmits a positive energy that we feel day to day.

The main thing is that you find your own style, something that marks your identity and makes you feel comfortable. Remember that’s your private space, so the first and most important thing is that you like it.

Once you find what defines you, look for objects to transmit this feeling. Surely, you’ll discover trends such as the cocooning effect (Nordic decorative trend based on recreating a warm and cozy home) or hanging hammocks, which might awaken a certain attraction to you. So when it comes to choosing your deco details, go with your instinct.

Deco details: how to decorate my home beautifully

In Decommunity we’ve compiled deco details that will make the difference and transmit the daily “happy effect” or, as the Danes would say, the ”hygge decoration”. This trendy style is based on turning your home into something cozy and comforting. To make staying at home the best option. Considering that Denmark is always in the happiest countries in the world ranking…. We’ll have to listen to them!

1. Enjoy natural light

It’s proven that when we’re exposed to natural light, our quality of life improves and so does our sense of wellbeing. Our advice is to make the small illuminated corners a comfortable and relaxed space where you can read, play sports or just rest. Don’t waste those little rays of sunshine in unfurnished corners and accommodate them, for example, with a comfortable sofa and an interesting book

2. Aromas of happiness

The freshness provided by scented candles, oils or incense are fragrances that evoke all kinds of places, sensations or emotions that produce vitality and improve your mood. In addition, they provide a lot of play, since their wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes allow multiple uses. A few rustic candles accompanied by succulent plants will create a beautiful and natural centerpiece for a large table in your dining room. Or if you like more relaxing atmospheres, we suggest some light floating candles, flowers and a glass bowl filled with water. Also to recreate more intimate and romantic spaces, we bet on red candles in the shape of a heart on a black plate and white sand, ideal for your bathroom.

3. Add a layer of color to your life

Breaking up with monochromatism is a good option, so give life and color to one of your rooms. You can opt for something more striking like pastel colors or perhaps warmer like earth tones, but the important thing is to create a contrast that fills you up with energy and gives dynamism to your home. If you don’t know what color to use, this 2021 trend is “Illuminating”, Pantone’s choice for the year, a vibrant and cheerful yellow: a cozy tone that reminds us of the sun’s energy.

4. Order is your ally and your worst enemy

Our thoughts are in order when our home is also in order. As Marie Kondo advises, a world-renowned expert in home tidying in order to create spaces of serenity and inspiration, get rid of everything that you haven’t used for more than a year. Opt for the feng shui style, which gives you more harmony and stability

If you don’t know how to start organizing your home, we provide you with some easy tips away from the boring and conventional tips that will guide you in your day to day life. Take a look at these ideas to help you keep your home tidy.

5. Who has a garden, has a treasure

Exotic tropical plants are a trend this 2021, both indoor and outdoor. For example, a ficus on a wicker basket placed next to the sofa creates spaciousness in the home. Also a monstera for a reading corner on a 60’s style stool, can give a vintage and special touch. In addition, they’re proven to purify the air and improve your mood, reduce the probability of eye irritation and reduce respiratory problems.

6. Beautiful memories

Something intimate, a photograph, a painting or an inherited good are objects of loved ones or memories that make our home more personal and define our style. Decorate your home with something personal that will stand the test of time and bring a smile to your face.

7. Hanging hammocks, now at home.

Hammocks, besides being one of the most desired and comfortable pieces of the season, provide a deep relaxation with it’s swinging and are perfect for a mini nap or rest while reading a book. The good thing is that they come in all kinds: hanging, indoor or outdoor and that you can change their location… all of them are a sure hit!

8. Freshness in your kitchen

Don’t forget use deco details for your kitchen; the place in the house where the explosion of creativity is greatest. Grow aromatic plants that will give a special touch to both your kitchen and your palate, or why not? Bet on colorful dishes to add some extra color to your meals. Add furniture, such as stools, which provide more dynamism and modernity, similar to a loft. You can even change the lighting; choose something more modern and minimalist with track lighting or add originality with hanging lamp holders, it all depends on your style!

9. Cocooning effect

This Nordic trend consists of turning your home into a warmer place where the main thing is to be comfortable and have moments of disconnection from the outside world. From a decorative point of view, the goal is to look for spaces that favor rest. The main objective is relaxation with a very sustainable style, recreating natural spaces such as rivers, mountains or beaches. This effect will be achieved with decorations in earth tones, wooden furniture or handcrafted details such as decorated vases in which to include fresh flowers that produce a feeling of warmth in the home.

10. Your bedroom, your refuge

We spend more than a third of our lives in our bedroom, specifically in our bed. That’s why it’s so important that your bedroom recreates the peace you need, so forget about rough sheets! Give yourself the pleasure of lying on soft cotton or lyocell ones, which reinforce the feeling of comfort and well-being. Blue, green and ochre colors are more suitable for the afternoon/evening and will help you rest better. In addition, the brain retains the last colors before going to sleep, so forget about reds or pinks that are more strident. Try to create a place where you can be comfortable and calm, away from an overloaded decoration. The simpler it is, the greater the sense of well-being.

Now that you have these 10 deco details to create a happiest home… Do you know what style defines you and what kind of tips you are going to implement? If you need more inspiration to change your decor and add vitality to your home, follow our accounts. Let’s do this!